About Echou Makeup

To look and feel your best, Echou Makeup provides the most gratifying services for any occasion. With a specialized team of professionals who have worked in the industry for over 20 years, Echou Makeup, synonymous with quality and practicality, is there to enhance your best features so your night is unlike any other.

Echou Makeup specializes in bringing out the inner beauty in each and every person. With a number of services ranging from Bridal packages, Touch-up services, and photography, Echou Makeup helps to create the look you’ve dreamed of for your momentous day.

With affordable services and packages, Echou Makeup has teamed with Inlight Lighting for the ultimate package. Inlight Lighting ultimately converts your venue to awe-inspiring proportions, setting the perfect tone and mood for your event. The first-class services provided by both teams are essential in commemorating the romance that life offers and becoming unforgettable to anyone who attends.

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